Fruition Studio

Intentional living begins within, and manifests without.

Through the furniture we sit on and the stories we tell, we craft our lives piece by piece.

You have the power to create space that manifests. We want to help.

Custom furniture

by Gabe Sheker

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A tall canopy bed that makes you feel like royalty.

A brightly colored dinner table, big enough to host the love and laughter exchanged around it. A desk, dainty and studious to match your deep curiosity and most focused moments. A smooth-gliding dresser to present the clothes that make you feel strong and ready for anything…

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Gabe Sheker has been crafting furniture and restoring antiques for 30 years.

“I believe in creating with longevity in mind. There are too many products out there that were built for disposal. I love stepping back to look at a finished piece and feeling satisfied that what I’ve created reflects my greatest potential.”


On efficiency and speed

Efficient doesn’t always mean fast. Often, the most efficient strategy, approach, solution – is the one that thinks about tomorrow before today. Later, then now. It all depends, I suppose, like so many things do, on the extend to which we’ll go in defining the word. If we’re only interested in today, we’ll measure accordingly. It’s …

The process: Custom furniture, start to finish

In designing our surroundings, we – consciously or not – do a great deal of measuring. Yes, there’s figuring out what will fit where, but this isn’t the only kind of measuring I’m talking about. When it comes to designing our surroundings, we measure with many different yardsticks. We measure cost in relation to our budget. We …

About Us

Fruition Studio is…
Gabe Sheker, woodworker, and Paige Slaughter, storyteller.

Our mission is to bring purposeful art into everyday lives through custom woodworking and authentic storytelling.

About us

In The Studio, artists create together, and education programs empower individuals through hands-on learning.

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Our blog covers all kinds of topics related to creating a purposeful life. Find organic manifestos, thoughts on learning, featured artists and farms and conscientious brands. You could call it random, but we think everything is connected.

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Our mission

to bring awareness to processes of production

to bring awareness to the power of the purse

to bring purposeful art into everyday lives

to bridge the gap between creators and consumers

to create purpose, and empower others to create purpose

We believe

  • Education is a tool for empowering individuals to fulfill their potential and live meaningful lives through personal growth and conscientious action.
  • Collaboration is a tool for raising awareness of the lived experiences of all people, as they are shaped by their environments and their relationships to various social groups.
  • Mindfulness is a necessary component of production that is ethical, sustainable and deeply fulfilling.
  • Authenticity is a virtue that enables trust, understanding, and artistic and personal growth.
  • Space is a physical manifestation and promoter of intentional creation, fluid collaboration and meaningful exchange.
  • Every person impacts the world every day.

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