On efficiency and speed

Efficient doesn’t always mean fast.

Often, the most efficient strategy, approach, solution – is the one that thinks about tomorrow before today. Later, then now.

It all depends, I suppose, like so many things do, on the extend to which we’ll go in defining the word. If we’re only interested in today, we’ll measure accordingly.

It’s more efficient to buy 12 bottles of kombucha than it is spending an hour bottling two gallons of it, steeping tea with sugar and juggling a few SCOBYs, if you make more than $36 an hour working.

But what is the value of an acquired skill? And how much living-moving-doing are we willing to replace with work, for the sake of “efficiency”?

Put another way, is it really efficient to grow thousands upon thousands of acres of a crop, spraying chemicals from WWII that, over a short time, erode the soil and hurt the bees we rely on, even if it saves us money immediately?

If you’re still reading, you’re either already convinced that our actions directly affect the world we live in, or you’re at least intrigued by the idea.

It’s not a new one, of course. But it can be so easy to forget, or to ignore!

Sometimes, the most efficient path is the one that leads you through sweet-smelling blooms and sounds from a bird you wouldn’t otherwise hear.

Sometimes, the most efficient approach is tedious at first, or more expensive, and then we get to tell our grandchildren about, or even give it to them, because it’s still beautiful and functioning.

And the more we expand our understanding of efficiency, the more this sometimes turns into often.

Spring equinox (fall equinox, for those of us in the southern hemisphere), signals a shift: The sun crosses the celestial equator, from south to north.

This Vernal equinox event also signals a universal experience, as Earth’s two hemispheres are receiving the sun’s rays equally.

For us in the northern hemisphere, we are reminded at this time of all the life around us.

With Nature as our muse, mentor and undeniably efficient Mother, it’s a perfect time to consider our role.

Intention drives action. One by one, and quickly, actions become a life.

So it’s rather important, then, to consider, What does efficiency really mean?


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