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Collage Fromage is a collaborative e-zine

Created by writers and artists of all sorts, it’s a place for exploring ideas that are wide open to interpretation. Through written and visual experimentation, we bring experiences together to create a collective – but not singular – voice.

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Vol. 1 No. 2 – Dear Bedroom

Upcoming Debut: April, 2017

“In Bikini Kill I was singing to an elusive asshole male that was fucking the world over, and I was allowing other women to watch me do that, and I really wanted to start directly singing to other women.”

-Kathleen Hanna

There are two distinct moments that planted seeds in my mind for starting a zine. The first one goes back to a Rocket Power episode.

The second came from watching The Punk Singer, a documentary about Kathleen Hanna. She was one of the creators of the Riot Grrrl movement and band/zine Bikini Kill.

Kathleen went on to create an AMAZING solo album called Julie Ruin, and the idea behind it is the inspiration for our Issue No. 2.

(Listen to the full album here.)

What Kathleen says stuck with me for years:

“Girls bedrooms sometimes can be this space for real creativity. The problem is that these bedrooms are all cut off from each other… I wanted the Julie Ruin record to sound like a girl from her bedroom made this record but then didn’t just throw it away… but she took it out and shared it with people.”

This issue will be hands-on.

That is, hand-written, hand-drawn, hand-collaged… anything beginning with the phrase “Dear Bedroom,”.

The idea is a cross between “Dear Diary,” and speaking directly to another person, alone in another bedroom.

Vulnerability meets connection. Secret meets revelation. Personal meets solidarity…

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Issue Archive

Vol. 1 No. 1 – (UN)CONDITIONAL

Debut: January 20, 2017

unconditional collage fromage
What is unconditional? How can we even define such a thing?

This issue explores the concept of the unconditional (and the conditional). That is, in this current age of What the F*** is going on?, what is it that we can actually depend on? And is there anything about being human that doesn’t depend on circumstance?


Here are a few prompts/ideas to get your mind ball rolling:

  • How do we understand the unconditional? Or can we?
  • What does the unconditional look like when it’s threatened, or can it be threatened at all?
  • Is our freedom intrinsic, or is it given to us? Maybe it’s neither.
  • Are our experiences unconditional? Do they exist/matter unconditionally?
  • What comes to mind when you think of “unconditional”?
  • How do we transform something political into something solid, unchangeable?


  • writing a list of all the things that don’t depend on anything. The love I have for my children/parents/partner, my experiences and the fact that they’re mine, my ability to ask ‘Why?’
  • a poem
  • a short story
  • reflecting on something you’ve read
  • scribbling
  • collaging
  • sitting and thinking… and taking notes

Collage Fromage is meant for exploration. So, explore! Let’s explore together.

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