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Custom woodworking by Gabe Sheker

A tall canopy bed that makes you feel like royalty…

A brightly colored dinner table, big enough to host the love and laughter exchanged around it. A desk, dainty and studious to match your deep curiosity and most focused moments. A smooth-gliding dresser to present the clothes that make you feel strong and ready for anything…

Gabe Sheker has been crafting furniture and restoring antiques for 30 years.

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Woodworking and restoration services

Custom Furniture
Antique Restoration & Reproduction
Fire & flood specialist
Woodworking Instruction

Gabe has been working with European antiques and building custom furniture for more than 30 years. He specializes in applying unique finishing techniques to create depth – and distressing techniques to make new pieces look beautifully aged.

Being exposed to fine European antiques at an early age taught him how and why wood moves the way it does, and how to construct quality pieces that last for generations. His passion is to share his knowledge and experience with others, so that they too can create pieces they are proud of – and that their grandchildren can be proud of.

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Creating with longevity in mind

“There are too many products out there that were built for disposal. I love stepping back to look at a finished piece and feeling satisfied that what I’ve created reflects my greatest potential.”

-Gabe Sheker

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